[ NEWS 07.12.2008 22:47:43 Book 15 Chapter 12 and my new project ]

Book 15 Chapter 12 and my new project

07.12.2008 22:47:43

Hello everybody,
Ive been kinda busy the last few days.
First things first: I managed to beat Mordrambor and Mordirith in the 12th chapter of the 15th Lord of the Rings Online book. I finally have my white horse now. Yay. ^^
And I recorded the whole fights of course, so that you can watch them. You can find the video at the usual place under .projects.

So, that being said, here´s an even bigger announcement:
As I´ve written a few days ago I now have a forum. But since I thought I wanted a bit more than just a forum, I started a whole new project including the forum.
The website for this new project is http://www.gamevideosonline.de
It will be site using this forum where you can request, find and post links (or maybe even upload them right here) to videos.
You want to see a video to a specific boss in the game you are playing? Use the "Request video" function on GameVideos Online (GVO). It will automatically search the forums for this video and if someone has already posted it there or someone else has requested it before, you will be pointed to the forum threads. If no one has posted anything yet the script will be able make a new thread for you - or you can post your request yourself into the forums.
But I´m still working on it. The search function is working, but it can't post threads yet. I´ll be busy working on that in the next days.