Simkea Ressource CalculatorCalculates the cost of items in Simkea!
Simkea ChatumdreherReverses the chat order of the Simkea chat and removes unwanted stuff.
DigiSync 2.1A synchronisation tool for nearly all operating systems that are based on Windows/Linux or Unix.
Convention Invoicing SystemAre you looking for a tool where you can calculate your earnings and spendings for an event or a convention? look no further!
Game of Thrones Ascent Resource CalculatorCalculates the cost of any item in Game of Thrones Ascent!
Digiosos Illyriad ToolsA collection of very helpful tools for the game Illyriad!
Mystic Empyrean World Balance ToolThis tools allows you to play the Mystic Empyrean Pen and Paper RPG online. Not everybody has the luck of having an offline group so this is your chance to play it online with your friends. This tool allows you to simulate the World Balance for your game. You can create your own realms with their own World Balance or use realms other people created.
Signature GeneratorYou always wanted to have your own unique forum signature with cool looking background images from your favourite games? You've come to the right place!
StarMarines Item ConverterThis tool converts your csv-item-export from the game StarMarines into a nice looking list you can use in the official game forums. Recommended for sell-threads!
StarMarines MissionsplanerMission planning tool for StarMarines.
The Dark Eye menstruation calculatorA must have for every female character in a group where sex can happen! This tool is for the Pen and Paper RPG The Dark Eye.