[ NEWS 15.04.2024 21:49:31 New file added - Epic Seven 4-10-10 Zio ]

New file added - Epic Seven 4-10-10 Zio

15.04.2024 21:49:31

I just added a new file to my website!

Title: Epic Seven 4-10-10 Zio
Zio ist the final boss of chapter 4. You will face him one more time in stage 4-10-10. And is it a very tough fight. Thanks to tipps from the E7 community (PlaybyPlayGaming) I managed to build a team to beat him. My team was Adventurer Ras, Mercedes, Rem and Emilia. The first two you can get for free. Emilia and Rem two were only available during a collaboration event. Basically you need heroes who can soulburn with skills that only use 10 souls. This removed a debuff on them. Otherwise they will take a lot of damage. Attacking the Darkness-infused Mana Lamp gives you some souls. So it might be a good idea to attack it with heroes that do not much damage (like Emilia in my case). Mercedes is a good choice, because she hits multiple enemies (including the lamp) and counterattacks. Rem can provide a defense break debuff and deal lots of damage. Adventurer Ras gives your whole team a defense buff with his S3 and his S2 starts a dual-attack. Emilia heals, remove debuffs and gives initiative boosts.

Link: https://www.digioso.org/e7_zio