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20.02.2008 09:37:33

Hiya guys,
I haven't posted here for quite some time now, and now I´m back with some big news.

First, the Balrog is down !
We needed some time and finally we're good enough, so that we can farm him. I hope to provide you with a video soon. Only problem is, that my main PC isn't working right now. It's RAM is no more and I have to wait for new ones. My secend PC just isn't good enough for recording videos. :(
Anyway, I hope to have my main PC back soon !

Not for the other news: I will be on "Giga Onlinewelten TV" (a german MMORPG gameshow) today evening at 8pm until 9pm GMT+1. They`ll be asking me questions about the latest Lord of the Rings Online patch and I'll show them a few things, that changed after the patch. Tomorrow afternoon at 4pm until 5pm they`ll send the show again.
So stay tuned. :)