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New file added - Diablo IV - Eriman's Pyre Stronghold

04.09.2023 21:40:01

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Title: Diablo IV - Eriman's Pyre Stronghold
Eriman's Pyre Stronghold in Diablo 4 can be found in the desert region of Kehjistan during Act 4. Here, you'll get to play investigator, trying to determine what happened to the previous inhabitants. The Stronghold is filled with enemies, however, making this task more difficult. Eriman's Pyre, is a Stronghold infested with demons and spirits drawn to a demon that has taken host inside a flaming pyre. A man named Eriman bound a demon within himself to keep it farm harming Hawezar, but after the Crusaders came, his people grew scared and burnt him in a pyre, releasing the demon within which resulted in torching the area, and damning the souls of the village. The fight usually ends with a battle against a boss (in Eriman's Pyre the boss fight is against Duz'Agur, Eriman's Bane). And there usually is a Lilith statue as well. After conquering a stronghold some NPCs and merchants settle in and usually there's also a dungeon you can enter afterwards. However this is not the case for Eriman's Pyre.

Link: https://www.digioso.com/d4_erimans_pyre