[ NEWS 17.06.2023 21:08:31 New file added - Diablo IV - Nostrava Stronghold ]

New file added - Diablo IV - Nostrava Stronghold

17.06.2023 21:08:31

I just added a new file to my website!

Title: Diablo IV - Nostrava Stronghold
The Nostrava Stronghold is located in the western part of the Fractured Peaks, between The Pallid Glade and Desolate Highlands, and to the west of Kyovashad. Strongholds need to be captured (meaning: Kill all enemies). The fight usually ends with a battle against a boss (in Nostrava the boss fight is against three bosses - Negala, Torvala, and Korzira). And there usually is a Lilith statue as well. After conquering a stronghold some NPCs and merchants settle in and usually there's also a dungeon you can enter afterwards.

Link: https://www.digioso.com/d4_nostrava