[ NEWS 19.12.2022 16:35:23 New file added - Diablo Immortal - Sandstone Golem ]

New file added - Diablo Immortal - Sandstone Golem

19.12.2022 16:35:23

I just added a new file to my website!

Title: Diablo Immortal - Sandstone Golem
The Sandstone Golem is a world boss that can be found in the Library of Zoltun Kulle. For it to appear you (or someone else) has to collct five lost pages for the "Kulle's Hidde Chambers" quest, which can be found lying around in the area randomly. Once you (or someone else) has all of them, they an be used to open a portal, summon the Hydra or the Golem. Unfortunatly you cannot choose what you get, so you may need to gather the pages multiple times if you want to get something specific. Or wait for someone else to do it.

Link: https://www.digioso.com/di_golem