[ NEWS 11.11.2022 15:02:17 Website is now fully responsive! ]

Website is now fully responsive!

11.11.2022 15:02:17

I spent a lot of time over the past weeks, but finally it's here!
The website is now fully responsive so that you can enjoy it on Laptops/Desktops as well as on mobile devices and tablets alike.
Apart from that not much has changed. I removed the Ubiquity section. Ubiquity was a test by Mozilla years ago but the test didn't go well so Ubiquity has been dead since a long time.
End of last year I had to remove most of the functionality of my tools for the browser game Simkea, because I was using a PostgreSQL database for this, but my hosting provider decided to no longer provide PostgreSQL databases. The MySQL databases offered by my provider did not have the neccessary performance to run the tools and nobody from the Simkea community was willing to pay the additonal costs required to run a PostgreSQL database elsewhere (or to move to another, more expensive webhoster). Since I stopped playing Simkea years ago and I did not want to pay additional money for this I had to disable most of the Simkea tools. My offer still stands: If someone is willing to pay for it, I'll continue providing the disabled tools.