[ NEWS 10.12.2012 22:21:56 Moving to new flat ]

Moving to new flat

10.12.2012 22:21:56

You might have noticed (or not :D) but the contact page now shows a new address. Yep, I moved to a new flat - together with my girlfriend. The new one has about 83 m² and so far we managed to fit everything into it. There are still some things to do but most of the work is done now. Some cupboards are still missing, though. They'll be delivered end of the year. Thanks a lot to my father who was extremely helpful with everything. He isn't an electrician for nothing and knows how to do a lot of other things as well. Next weekend we'll finalize the kitchen (we don't have water there yet) and one shelve is missing and we want to have an additional cupboard in the bathroom we still have to buy, though. After that... well there are still some boxes left to unpack but most of the stuff is in place now.